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On this page we will try to inform about things that happening in the kennel, in the show rings and so on.

15-16/5 2010 We visited Rauma and Virmo dog shows in Finland. We had 3 danes entered. FIuch SEuch Grandisons Flicka V Caribdane was 1 best bitch with certificate in Rauma and is now both finich and swedisch cahmpion in Virmo she was sewcond best bitch

Grandisons Faithful Girl was third best bitch with reserve certificate in Rauma and got a first price in Virmo

Grandisons Gun Smoke was third best dog in Rauma with reserve certificate and second best dog i Virmo with the certificate, his second .

14/5 2010 puppies expected around june 13th. after our bitch Haltmeiers Greta V Grandison. More information in the puppy page

13/5 2010. Grandison Flicka V Caribdane is placed third best bitch by breder judge Monica Stavenborn at Ulla & Curt Magnussons memorial show

At Turku winter dogshow 2010 Grandisons Gun Smoke recived the certificate and became BOS

In august we went to the 2 day show in our home division of the great Dane club. The first day it was a color show and the second day it was a CC show.
At the color show we placed a lot of our Danes in the classes and ended the day with 2 of our Danes in the finals. Our black bitch Haltmeier´s Greta V Grandisons was places as best black bitch and BOS and our blue bitch went even a steep further and ended the day as best blue bitch and BOB and ended the day as
BIS reserve. Our regards to her owner Maria Janson. At the CC show our black bitch Grandisons Flicka V Caribdane had a great day and ended the day as second best bitch with the CC.
                                                                  Haltmeier´s Greta V Grandison
                                                                    Grandisons Faithful Girl
                                   Grandisons Flicka V Caribdane

In July Ann-Louise and Maja went to Piteå for the international dog show and for the color show hold by the north division of the great Dane club. They had a successful weekend and went home again placing both Grandisons Great Balls of Fire and Grandisons Flicka V Caribdane as third best dog and third best bitch and both of them with CACIB. At the color show Grandisons Great Balls of Fire ended the day as best black Dane.  

                                   Grandisons Great Balls of Fire

                                   Grandisons Flicka V Caribdane

In June we was in Avesta for a CC show and Grandisons Faithful Girl ended the day as best bitch 4

                                                                    Grandisons Faithful Girl

In may we visited the international dog show in Österbybruk. The 2 litter sisters Grandisons Faithful Girl and Grandisons Flicka V Caribdane went home from this show with CACIB.

                                   Grandisons Flicka V Caribdane

                                                                    Grandisons Faithful Girl

We visited the Norweigian great Dane club in may for the 2 day show. At the CC show Grandisons Gun Smoke was place as third best male. 72 Danes was entered at the show. The second day at the show Grandisons Gun Smoke was the best black male. We also had a lot of our Danes placed in the classes. So over all we was really pleased with the weekend. 

                   Grandisons Gun Smoke

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