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About Grandison
About Grandison

We the owner to the kennel name Grandison are Ann-Louise and Pär. We have had our kennel name since 1997. We have both grown up with dogs and been around dogs during our whole life. Ann-Louise was raised in a family that shown great danes and have been around the Danes as a bread during her whole life. Pär grown up in a family with German shepherds and Pincher.
We live with our dogs in a house near the nature 30 km south of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. We are members of the Swedish kennel club and follow there guidelines about our breading. We are also members of the bread clubs in Sweden, Finland, Norway and of the Great Dane club of America. We are also members of the Swedish Pekingese club. 
We bread mostly blue and black great Danes and in a limited number. Usually a litter every second year. Our goals is to bread healthy Danes that can function as a family member as well as a show dog.
When you buy a puppy from Grandison you get a puppy that have grown up inside with the family and the other dogs that we have at home. You receive information about the puppy and about the pedigrees. You receive knowledge about your puppy and how to take care of him. We maintain a active contact with al of our buyer with regular telephone calls, email and so on. We offer meetings for our buyers, it could be a afternoon were the dogs just meet and we take a few minuets to talk about something that concern you and your dog. Maybe you would like to show your dog at a dog show. We are more than willing to help you with a few tips.

Kennel Grandison

Pär Westling & Ann-Louise Gunnarsson

Enhemsvägen 11

137 93 Tungelsta


+46 8 500 117 26

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